‘Rocky’ year ahead for Myrtle Beach

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach has a rocky year ahead along parts of the beach as massive rocks were pumped onto the sand during the city’s recent summer beach renourishment.

But why are you just now seeing them?

Two king tides and a hurricane within a single month recently uncovered rocks that were buried underneath the sand nearly three months ago.

Scattered rocks are found in beach areas along 69th to 82nd Avenue North.

Three-fourths of the renourishment project received sand absent of rocks while the last fourth, which begins on 69th Avenue North, contains rocks pumped from the ocean ground.

The rocks range in size, some as small as a fist while others are as large as a bowling ball.

The rocks were transferred during the city’s $45 million project causing damage and inconvenience to city workers, visitors, and residents.

Beach control officials swap out their normal maintenance equipment, with a rock bucket tool to avoid further damage on expensive equipment and has the ability to pick up larger objects.

City Beach Coordinator Tod O’Briant tells News13 the city experienced a similar explosion of rocks following the last beach renourishment nearly a decade ago.

Clearing of the rocks could take up to a year.

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