Nicole Boone “retired” from News13 on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020. She will continue to cover select events in our area but her time on the anchor desk came to an end. In this 10-part series of special reports, dozens of co-workers — past and present — as well as community leaders, family members, longtime friends and even Dabo Swinney spoke of Nicole’s accomplishments, dedication, faith, love, and legacy.

We hope you enjoy the stories like you enjoyed Nicole’s 26 years on the anchor desk. Thank you for watching News13.

The Formative Years

Nicole has been with WBTW News13 for 31 years, the past 26 as a main anchor. Later this month, she’ll retire from the anchor desk. We thank her for that run — a run that started in upstate South Carolina.

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Nicole Arrives at WBTW

The summer of 1988, Nicole graduated from Winthrop and she took flight, setting off for her first job in television.

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Community Leaders React

There’s a lot more to this job than showing up at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. There’s writing, research, meetings, and promotional responsibilities. And what Nicole has done — perhaps better than anyone who’s ever worked in this market — is getting involved in the community.

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Her Colleagues Pay Tribute – Part 1

We continue to thank Nicole for her service to News13 and to the eastern Carolinas. Among those who thank her are just about everyone who has passed through our newsroom in the past 31 years.

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Her Colleagues Pay Tribute – Part 2

Thirty-one years at WBTW, 26 of those on the anchor desk. A little rough math shows that comes to about 20,000 shows — touching hundreds of thousands of people. That’s quite an impact. And Nicole has impacted a lot of people in this newsroom.

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More Reaction

It’s been an emotional time here at News13 as Nicole’s departure from the anchor desk — after more than a quarter of a century — comes to an end. But for her, it’s a new beginning as she’ll spend so much more time with her family. Her work family — and others — are excited for her.

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Family First

A public stage with a strong private life. And that side of Nicole moves forward with those whom she’s deeply committed: close friends, her new husband, and her two children, Mac and Olivia.

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‘She’s Nickie Boone’

To celebrate Nicole’s time at News13, a number of people who love her and respect her look ahead to her “semi-retirement.”

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The Next Chapter

Thursday is her final night on the anchor desk, which has had her name on it for 26 straight years. It’s been a fun ride.

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The Farewell Speech

Nicole Boone’s time on the News13 anchor desk has come to an end after 31 years. Watch her give her farewell speech.

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