PLEASE NOTE: Individual county data is not currently being updated due to a database error. Data will be updated for individual counties once fixed. Statewide data is still being updated.

Welcome to the News13 COVID-19 Data Tracker. The purpose of this page is to give a better visual of the COVID-19 pandemic in the News13 viewing area. Over the past several months, we’ve been collecting data and using various formulas and calculations to help better visualize the pandemic. All numbers are updated every afternoon with the latest information from DHEC. From there, many calculations are done to find the trends.

The map below is a basic overview of the News13 viewing area. The counties are shaded by number of cases. The darker the color, the more confirmed cases there have been. Hover over or click any county for more detailed information, including the total number of deaths.

Below is the trend for the entire state of South Carolina. The blue bars show the number of new cases per day, while the red line shows the average number of new cases over the previous 7 days. The purpose of this line is to paint a better picture of the number of cases over time, even when individual days can have random spikes.

Trend by County

Below is the trend line broken down by individual county in the News13 viewing area. The method is the same as the above graph for the entire state of South Carolina, except the numbers have been broken down on a county-by-county basis.

DISCLAIMER: These charts are based off of DHEC data. Due to cases being moved around between counties and date confirmed as DHEC further investigates each one, these charts are not perfect. They’re meant to give a better visual of overall trend, but numbers may slightly vary.


Testing, Hospitalization & Recovery Rate

Below is a look at testing numbers and percent positive by week for counties in the News13 viewing area.

Below is statewide testing numbers along with the hospitalization and recovery rate. These numbers are updated on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Demographic Data

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