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Which portable playpens are best?

Portable playpens are an excellent solution for parents and guardians who need hands-off time to do household chores, make phone calls and sit down for some rest and relaxation while their baby is playing or resting. 

The Pop ‘N Go Portable Playpen is a marvelous option if you are on the hunt for a portable playpen. It’s the perfect portable play yard with a variety of uses.

What to know before you buy a portable playpen

Learn about the different kinds of playpens

There are a couple of different kinds of playpens, including standard playpens and portable playpens. Portable playpens usually have a carrying case, connected sides and a floor, so you don’t have to set your weed eater in motion every time you set up the playpen — your child’s feet will be safe from the small weeds or insects. These playpens are also collapsible and have an automatic lock to secure the sides.

Understand the differences between wood and plastic playpens

Plastic playpens are more durable and simple to clean, while wood-panelled playpens have more of a formal look.

Find the right quantity of playpen panels

Playpens typically come with about four to 14 panels. How you want to use the portable playpen will impact the number of panels you need. If you have a big home or want to use the portable playpen outside, more panels are better. Still, having fewer panels is more convenient if you have a small home, less storage space or want to travel frequently with the playpen.

What to look for in a quality portable playpen


The portable playpen you choose should be certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association so that you know it’s as safe as possible. If the portable playpen you select has mesh siding, you should make sure that the holes in the siding are not bigger than a quarter inch. You should also check all of the locks and hinges for possible cutting or pinching hazards.


It’s important to find a quality portable playpen that is stable enough to securely stand on its own and keep your toddler safe while they are playing in or around the playpen. Portable playpens often come with locking feet and mechanisms, with or without a few suction cups, on the bottom of the playpen panels for improved stability.


Playpen panels need to be at least 20 inches tall so that your baby or toddler can’t climb out of the playpen, but most playpen models are taller than 20 inches. The higher the panels in your playpen, the longer your toddler will be able to use the playpen safely. Just keep in mind that your toddler might not appreciate the feeling of being limited by the playpen as they get older. Once your toddler begins climbing out of the playpen, it’s probably time to donate it or put it away.

How much you can expect to spend on a portable playpen

Portable playpens range in price from less than $60 to more than $100. The most basic portable playpens go for less than $60, mid-range portable playpens cost around $60-$100 and high-end portable playpens go for more than $100.

Portable playpen FAQ

Can you use playpen panels to create one long barrier that keeps children out of a certain area of the home?

A. You can use playpens with hinges that can be adjusted into any configuration to create a long barrier for this purpose. That being said, some playpens have auto-locking hinges that only lock when they are in a particular configuration. These playpen models don’t enable you to arrange the playpen panels in a straight line.

Can standard playpens be folded up for storage?

A. No, traditional playpens can’t be folded up for storage, but you can take the panels apart and stack them to take up less space. Additionally, some companies list their storage dimensions on the packaging, which gives you an excellent idea of how much storage space you will require.

Can you purchase extra playpen panels, or do you need to purchase a second playpen set?

A. Many playpen companies provide an extension package that comes with additional playpen panels. If the company you bought the playpen from doesn’t offer an extension package, you need to buy a second set of playpen panels to build a larger playpen area.

What are the best portable playpens to buy?

Top portable playpen

Pop ‘N Go Portable Playpen

Pop ‘N Go Portable Playpen

What you need to know: This lightweight and easily collapsible playpen from Pop ‘N Go is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

What you’ll love: This portable playpen comes in four different color options, including orange, pink, black and cosmic gray. The portable playpen also only weighs 7.2 pounds and easily breaks down for carrying and packing.

What you should consider: This portable playpen tent is not as sturdy as some customers expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top portable playpen for the money

Hiccapop XL PlayPod Deluxe Portable Playpen

Hiccapop XL PlayPod Deluxe Portable Playpen

What you need to know: This portable playpen from Hiccapop is perfect for babies and toddlers, whether you want to take the playpen to the beach or to a friend’s home.

What you’ll love: This inexpensive Hiccapop portable playpen features a large play area that accommodates several babies and toddlers. It’s also fairly compact for travel and can be assembled within mere seconds.

What you should consider: This portable playpen sometimes comes with loose stitching on the straps, but the customer service is amazing, and they will send a replacement.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dripex Portable Playpen for Babies

Dripex Portable Playpen for Babies

What you need to know: The foldable design of this portable playpen from Dripex makes it simple to carry around when needed.

What you’ll love: This Dripex portable playpen comes with a sturdy and tight double suction design and is very simple to assemble and disassemble with no additional tools needed. The playpen also comes with a breathable grid.

What you should consider: The stitching on this portable playpen comes apart in a few areas for some customers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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