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Shiseido or Shu Uemura, which eyelash curler is better?

To the uninitiated, an eyelash curler looks like a medieval torture device. But it’s your best friend if you’re serious about lengthening and volumizing your lashes without resorting to falsies or extensions.

Eyelash curlers have two handles, similar to a pair of scissors, and feature a curved clamp on the end. The handles are used to hold and release your eyelashes in the clamp until curled.

The best eyelash curlers feature a padded metal clamp that bends your lashes up and fans them out so that they look longer and your eyes bigger for a bright-eyed look. You can wear your freshly crimped lashes bare or follow up with a coat of mascara.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler

Made in Japan, the Shu Uemura eyelash curler is a cult favorite for quick results, typically getting your lashes curled in one go. It costs $14-$26, depending on the model and retailer.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler pros

  • High-quality craftsmanship: This curler can last years. One diehard owner reports theirs lasted for two decades.
  • Quick and easy to use: It’s simple to operate and curls in one or two tries.
  • Lasting results: After using it, you won’t have to touch your lashes the rest of the day: they stay curled.
  • Pinch-free curling: It doesn’t pinch tender eyelid skin when you use it.
  • Crease-free curling: The results look even and natural, without creating a crease or unnatural bend in your lashes.
  • Includes one replacement pad: Shu Uemura curlers come with a pad refill.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler cons

  • Only available online: Loyal fans found themselves scrambling when brick-and-mortar stores stopped selling Shu Uemura curlers almost a decade ago. It’s now only sold by online retailers.
  • Expensive: It’s one of the more expensive eyelash curlers, and some say it’s not better than cheaper models.
  • Pads must be frequently changed: Although the manufacturer recommends changing the clamp’s pads every six months, for some people it’s more like every three or four months.

best Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

This popular eyelash curler comes with a replacement silicone pad and gently curls your lashes without crimping or pinching. It sets the bar high for eyelash curlers, if not setting the standard.

Sold by Amazon

Shiseido eyelash curler

This Japanese-made curler is for people with stubborn, straight lashes that don’t take well to eyelash curlers. The Shiseido curler is a favorite for people with smaller and almond-shaped eyes.

It costs $23 and can be bought both online and in some stores.

Shiseido eyelash curler pros

  • Pinch-free curling: The frame’s edges are designed to not pinch eyelid skin.
  • Lasting curl: The curl holds all day, even without a coat of waterproof mascara.
  • Doesn’t pluck out lashes: Because it needs minimum pressure to curl your lashes, it reduces the risk of plucking them out or breaking them.
  • Long-lasting construction: It can last for decades as long as you routinely change the pads and keep it clean.
  • Includes one replacement pad: It comes with a flexible silicone pad refill.
  • Two color choices: It comes in metallic silver and in limited edition gold.

Shiseido eyelash curler cons

  • May not work on all eye shapes: It may pinch the skin of people with wide or round-shaped eyes.
  • Expensive: While comparable in price to the Shu Uemura curler, the Shiseido is pricey.

best Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

This Japanese-made eyelash curler is a global sensation due to its dramatic results to lift and curl even short, stubborn eyelashes. Use it every morning for a bright-eyed look.

Sold by Sephora and Ulta Beauty

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Should you get the Shu Uemura or Shiseido eyelash curler?

Cost isn’t a deciding factor between the Shu Uemura and Shiseido curler. They both cost about $23. However, the Shu Uemura can only be purchased online.

The Shiseido curler is a better choice for smaller eyes, straight lashes or almond-shaped eyes. The Shu Uemura curler is a better choice for wider eyes, longer lashes or round-shaped eyes.

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