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Which deer decoy is best?

Deer hunters look forward to each new hunting season. They are continually searching for ways to improve their chances, such as having the right gear, the right weapon and for many deer hunters, the right decoy. While some hunters choose not to use decoys, more hunters are finding that the right decoy can make a big difference.

Deer decoys provide hunters with another option to attract deer into the hunting area, but there are many considerations for finding the right decoy. For a realistic look and ease in breaking down, the top choice is Flambeau Outdoors Boss Buck Deer Decoy.

What to know before you buy a deer decoy

Have you used a decoy before?

Deer decoys are more than just a quick assembly and placing along the rut. There are other considerations related to where they are placed, the use of scents and electronic calls, and even what kind of decoy based on the time of season and type of deer you are hoping to attract. Make sure you know all about decoy strategy before you purchase the right one for you.

Which type of decoy do you need?

It depends on what type of hunter you are. If you will be stationary, then you want a decoy you can place in the ground for a long time and has the look of a real deer. If you will be stalking the deer on foot, you want a two-dimensional decoy, which is often a photographic reproduction of a real deer. This kind of decoy is easy to move, which makes it a favorite of archers. Often, the hunter is right behind the decoy, so it needs to be placed in partial covering.

Are there practice decoys?

Yes, there is a deer decoy used by archers for practice. Some of these practice decoys have sections that are impenetrable by arrows and can later be used in the field as a real decoy. Bear in mind that they can be quite heavy, so they are not easily moved from spot to spot.

What to look for in a quality deer decoy

Easy to assemble

Look for deer decoys that are easy to put together. If a decoy is difficult to assemble, it likely will make a lot of noise, which is detrimental to getting a deer to come close by. Review consumer feedback for opinions about how easily a decoy is put together in the field.

Realistic look

The best decoys have features that mimic a real deer. Look for decoys with flocking, which is a suede-like covering that looks like actual deerskin. Some decoys have tails that wave in the wind and heads and necks that move like real joints. The more natural the decoy appears, the better the chance it attracts a buck.

Storage pockets

Many decoys come with pouches in both the front and rear legs. These pouches can be used for scent pads and storing electronic deer calls, although some states ban electronic decoys.

How much you can expect to spend on a deer decoy

Deer decoys run $60-200. Two-dimensional deer decoys are priced $60-$100, while three-dimensional skillfully crafted decoys cost $100-$200, although $150 should provide a high-quality decoy for most hunters.

Deer decoy FAQ

What else can help a decoy be successful?

A. Consider using a deer call along with your decoy. The more realistic the decoy seems, the more likely it will attract the right deer to your hunting area. Remember to use the right deer call though. If your call is making sounds that a buck or doe normally wouldn’t make early or late in the season, it might actually scare off would-be suitors.

Where is the best place to position a decoy?

A. You want the decoy to be within sight and more importantly, within range of your weapon. Placing the decoy 15 to 20 yards from the base of your tree or stand is recommended. Remember to make sure you are not downwind of the decoy or your scent may be what passing deer smell first, which could lead them to change direction.

What’s the best deer decoy to buy?

Top deer decoy

Flambeau Outdoors Boss Buck Deer Decoy

Flambeau Outdoors Boss Buck Deer Decoy

What you need to know: This decoy is one of the most realistic looking on the market and does a good job attracting deer.

What you’ll love: Easy to transport, this decoy is intricately designed. The legs, head and 8-point antlers can all be broken down. The rear legs hold a scent pad, and the front legs hold electronic game calls. It comes with a shoulder strap.

What you should consider: The decoy can be challenging to set up and a bit noisy during the process.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top deer decoy for the money

Montana Decoy Miss Muley

Montana Decoy Miss Muley

What you need to know: This mule deer decoy is easy to transport and set up in all weather conditions.

What you’ll love: This lightweight decoy is easy to pack. It breaks down to the size of a frisbee in seconds and can be attached to any size backpack. It attracts whitetail deer in addition to mule deer.

What you should consider: The decoy is a high-resolution photograph in a two-dimensional display that does not have depth or legs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Flambeau Outdoors Boss Babe Deer Decoy

Flambeau Outdoors Boss Babe Deer Deco

What you need to know: This realistic decoy does a good job of attracting buck into your target area.

What you’ll love: This decoy is easy to break down and transport. The head and limbs can be stored inside the body. Two sets of ears are provided: alert and relaxed. The front leg is compatible with an electronic deer call.

What you should consider: This decoy is hard-painted plastic and does not have flocking.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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