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Save big on back-to-school essentials

With inflation continuing to climb, purchasing much-needed and affordable school supplies is becoming challenging. Some states, such as New Jersey, offer a brief tax-free purchase period for essential items, such as pens, notebooks, art supplies, instructional materials and more. If your state isn’t doing this, the best strategy is to wait patiently for the back-to-school sales to start later this season.

However, Staples is taking a proactive approach. Even though summer has only just begun, the company is already offering deep discounts on products your student needs to thrive in school. The savvy shopper can start purchasing now to ensure they get the most for their money and that their child is fully prepared for that first day of classes.

Tips for buying school supplies

Don’t wait until the last minute

With all the supply chain problems there have been over the past couple of years, waiting until the last minute could mean what you need is not available. Don’t wait till the last week of August to start shopping. 

Check your classroom materials list

It is easy to get excited by a great deal and purchase something for the savings. While this is recommended, make sure it is also on the approved classroom materials list. Some teachers are very particular about the items you buy.

Supplies change based on age

Younger students do not have the motor skills that older students have. For this reason, you will want to stick with safety scissors and wide-ruled notebooks for younger kids. Also, consider quick-drying, non-permanent, water-based, non-toxic writing implements for early grade students as well.

Some supplies can reveal personality

When shopping, let your kids have a say in aesthetic matters. Allow them to pick the color or design they like best. This will make them more excited about the upcoming school year by allowing them to reveal their personality through their supplies.

Don’t forget organizational products

Having 25 pencils, 30 erasers, 50 markers and 100 crayons can be great, but if you don’t also buy a pencil case, those supplies will get lost before anyone has a chance to use them. Don’t forget to purchase organizational products so your child can keep their space neat and organized to improve their chance of success this year.

Consider accessories

If you are buying mechanical pencils, don’t forget the lead. If you are buying wooden pencils, don’t forget the sharpener. And no matter which writing implement your child prefers, rubber grips can help with control and comfort. Plus, a kid can never have too many erasers. Make sure you purchase all needed accessories so your student can make the most of their tools.

Buy in bulk

Whenever possible, buy in bulk. The price per item will be lower. Plus, you will have backup supplies to help get you through the entire school year.

Remember the essentials when shopping for a tablet

If your child will require a tablet for school and a specific model is not required, consider the most vital features. Is the battery life sufficient for your child’s needs? How much storage space does the tablet have? Is the operating system compatible with what your child is doing in class? What type of connectivity does the tablet need? Are there parental features on the tablet that can help keep your child safe? These are all questions you need to consider before purchasing a tablet.

Consider earth-friendly options

Look for earth-friendly supplies. These can either be made with recycled material, feature minimum waste or have some other quality that helps protect the earth.

Staples Rewards membership

While sales deals are a great way to save when shopping at Staples, they are not the only way to save. Joining Staples Rewards membership can garner you even more savings.

When you become a Staples Rewards member, you can get up to 5% back on purchases, free delivery and more. There are three membership tiers, and the amount of rewards you receive is determined by how much you spend.

Base membership: The Base membership requires no minimum purchase. It gives you free delivery after $35, gets you 2% back on purchases and lets you get $2 back on used ink and toner cartridges (up to 10 per month). 

Premier membership: The Premier membership is awarded after you spend $1,000. It gives you free delivery after $35, gets you 5% back on purchases and lets you get $2 back on used ink and toner cartridges (up to 20 per month). Additionally, you get to partake in bonus sales events.

Elite membership: The Elite membership is given after you spend $5,000. It gives you free delivery with no minimum purchase, gets you 5% back on purchases and lets you get $2 back on used ink and toner cartridges (up to 20 per month). Additionally, you can partake in bonus sales events and get free monthly product samples.

School supplies on sale now

Pilot G2 Gel Pen

Pilot G2 Gel Pen

The five long-lasting gel pens in this pack write smoothly and feel comfortable in your hand. The pens have a retractable 0.5mm point, and they are refillable. Purchase includes two black, a red, a blue and a green pen. Sold by Staples


Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons

Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons

These twistable mini crayons never need sharpening. You simply twist the end, and they are ready to use. The clear barrel protects against breaking yet lets you see the color. This set includes 24 assorted colors. Sold by Staples


Tru Red Premium 1-Subject Notebook (Graph)

Tru Red Premium 1-Subject Notebook (Graph)

For students who use graph paper, this is an excellent option. The wire-bound notebook contains 100 sheets of graph-ruled paper with perforated edges for clean sheet removal. Sold by Staples


Fiskars 5-Inch Kid's Scissors

Fiskars 5-Inch Kid’s Scissors

These durable 5-inch scissors have blunt tips for added safety. The curved handles provide a comfortable, ergonomic grip for right-handed users. They are also available in an assortment of colors. Sold by Staples


Tru Red Premium 1-Subject Notebook (College-Ruled)

Tru Red Premium 1-Subject Notebook (College-Ruled)

This 100-sheet notebook has a durable poly cover to provide additional protection for your work. It is college-ruled, wire-bound and features perforated edges for easy sheet removal. Sold by Staples


Tru Red Premium 1-Subject Notebook (Wide-Ruled)

Tru Red Premium 1-Subject Notebook (Wide-Ruled)

This three-holed paper is wide-ruled, making it suitable for lower grades. The durable poly cover is spill-proof and tear-proof. The 8.5 by 11-inch pages are perforated for clean removal. Sold by Staples


Pentel Hi-Polymer Latex Free Block Eraser

Pentel Hi-Polymer Latex Free Block Eraser

Pentel’s economy pack of three non-abrasive polyvinyl chloride erasers will not harden or crack (when stored properly). The erasers are nontoxic and erase clean, whether you need to remove a small mark or a complete line of text. Sold by Staples


Paper Mate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pen

Paper Mate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pen

This pack of 12 medium-point stick pens should be enough to get your student through the entire year. The cap prevents leakage and features a clip for convenient carrying, while the ultra-viscosity ink delivers a smooth writing experience. Sold by Staples


Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils

If your student is creative, this pack of 12 pre-sharpened pencils gives them the tools they need to express their creativity. The pencils are made with thick, soft lead and produce a vibrant line. They are nontoxic and the set comes with a pencil sharpener. Sold by Staples


Elmer's School Permanent Glue Sticks

Elmer’s School Permanent Glue Sticks

With the disappearing purple tint, your child will know exactly where they are applying glue. The two included sticks are nontoxic and washable. As the glue dries, it becomes clear and permanent. Sold by Staples


Crayola Markers

Crayola Markers

Besides 10 classic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, brown and black), this set of bold-line markers comes with two bonus neon colors(electric blue and fiery orange). Each marker has a colored cap to help keep the ink from drying out. Sold by Staples


Staples Snap Plastic Pencil Case

Staples Snap Plastic Pencil Case

With all these supplies, your student will need a place to keep everything. This affordable translucent pencil case is the answer. The container is 8.25 inches long and features a secure snap closure to keep everything neat and organized. Sold by Staples

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