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Which microwave is better: Sharp or Samsung? 

Most households use their microwave oven daily. Between a busy work schedule, keeping your home clean and taking care of your kids, they’re a necessity, and it’s essential to choose the right one with any appliance used so often.

Sharp and Samsung are both known for producing high-quality devices, but knowing which brand is right for you will be easier if you’ve compared the brands and their most popular models.

Sharp microwaves

Sharp produces countertop, over-the-range, carousel and drawer microwaves. In many cases, they are relatively affordable, but Sharp is still known for producing durable microwaves with numerous features. While a number of them have sleek designs, many of Sharp’s commercial models may appear bulky.

Sharp microwave pros

  • Sharp makes both commercial and household microwaves. You may not have considered buying a commercial microwave for your house, but they can be worth the investment. Commercial models tend to be more expensive, but also more durable than household models.
  • Sharp microwaves are durable. Most last a long time. Many buyers praise Sharp for making microwaves that last a decade or longer.
  • There are numerous sizes. Sharp makes both devices that won’t take up much counter space and models big enough for large meals.
  • They have low prices. Although Sharp has numerous expensive models, many of its most popular microwaves are affordable.
  • They’re easy to use. Most Sharp microwaves are simple both to set up and to use. Some have intuitive dials that let you easily change the cooking time.

Sharp microwave cons

  • Poor customer service. There are numerous complaints on Sharp’s product pages about the company’s customer service. Its representatives can be hard to get in touch with and may not always solve your issue.

Best Sharp microwaves

Sharp R-21LCFS Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave

Sharp R-21LCFS Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave

This large microwave is durable and easy to use, with simple instructions, a time guide for popular foods and a dial that lets you change your cooking time while it’s running. Most users love that it doesn’t need a turntable. Although it doesn’t have a convection oven or additional features, it is effective at what it does. Sold by Amazon 

Sharp Microwave ZSMC0912BS 900W Countertop Microwave Oven

Sharp Microwave ZSMC0912BS 900W Countertop Microwave Oven

This stainless steel microwave has numerous preset cooking buttons. Some users felt it wasn’t tall enough, but many enjoyed its compact design. It may not have the same longevity as other Sharp models, but it is significantly more affordable, easy to keep clean and features multiple express settings, from one to six minutes. Sold by Amazon

Sharp Black Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven

Sharp Black Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven

This small microwave heats evenly, has numerous preset cooking options and comes in three colors. The light doesn’t come on when the door is opened, but buyers felt the light was efficient when the microwave was in use. Although it’s compact, its interior is large enough for most items. Sold by Amazon

Samsung microwaves

Samsung is a well-known brand that makes numerous household appliances. Many Samsung microwaves are on the loud side, but they work well. Samsungs are often more expensive than Sharps.

Samsung microwave pros

  • Easy to use: Most Samsung microwaves are exceedingly easy to use. Many feature numerous cooking presets and an easy-to-read digital display.
  • Numerous sizes: Samsung makes microwaves compact enough to fit under your cabinets and big enough for large families.
  • Safety: Many Samsungs feature child-safety locks and other safety features.
  • Additional features: Most Samsungs include features such as grilling elements, cooking presets and multi-distribution heating systems.

Samsung microwave cons

  • Loud operation: Many buyers complain that Samsung microwaves are exceedingly loud. In some cases, they develop a buzzing noise early in their life cycle.
  • Lack of durability: Samsung models tend to not last as long as other microwaves.

Best Samsung microwaves

Samsung White Over-the-Range Microwave

Samsung White Over-the-Range Microwave

This sleek microwave has easy-to-read instructions and is simple to set up and use, although you may have trouble reading the buttons. Some users received damaged devices, but they’re easy to exchange for new models. Sold by Amazon

Samsung Countertop Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

Samsung Countertop Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

This large microwave has a lot of interior space, features multiple cooking presets and is easy to clean. It’s incredibly loud, but it can fit up to two plates at once on its turntable, and its stainless steel exterior looks great in most kitchens. It’s relatively pricey compared to other microwaves but is affordable for its size. Sold by Amazon

Samsung Electronics MG11H2020CT Countertop Grill Microwave

Samsung Electronics MG11H2020CT Countertop Grill Microwave

This microwave is easy to use, easy to clean and features a grilling element that evenly distributes heat, eliminating the need for a turntable (although you can use the turntable if you prefer). Some users felt the included instructions weren’t clear, but the device is intuitive.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Sharp microwave or a Samsung microwave?

Both Samsung and Sharp make great microwaves. Still, most users seem to prefer Sharp models, which are often more affordable, versatile and durable. This doesn’t mean there aren’t great Samsung microwaves, but you may find that Sharp microwaves better suit your needs.

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