Which Storybots toy is best?

Storybots is an educational media franchise that includes TV, videos, games, music, books and classroom activities. Their aim is to make it fun for kids to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills.  

The characters Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo answer kids’ questions while everyone sings and dances. If you’re looking for an active musical Storybot toy toy, take a look at the Fisher-Price StoryBots A to Z Rock Star Guitar. Kids jam along as they learn the letters of the alphabet.

What to know before you buy a Storybot toy

Storybots began as an educational series for kids that started on YouTube and went to Netflix. Kids sing and dance along with their favorite Storybot toy characters as they learn about colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more.

The Storybots format

Kids ask questions like “Why do I need to brush my teeth?” and “Where does night come from?” The Storybot toys provide the answers to questions like this in song and dance. The information is presented by the Storybots in mostly musical form and often with silly sounds and spoken phrases included.


Most Storybots toys are figures.

Plastic figures

Figure packs with the five stars of the Storybots series have 2-3 inch tall figures with bodies and feet made of hard plastic. Their long, thin arms are made of softer plastic so kids can bend them into poses. 

Plush characters

These are talking Storybot toy toys that are soft and cuddly, too. Each 4-5 inch tall talking plush toy plays songs that kids sing and dance along with. Kids can choose from green Beep, blue Bang and purple Bo.

Crochet soft characters

These Storybot toy toys look almost like hand puppets and are made for kids as little as 1 year old. Kids can make these Storybot toys “talk” by moving their mouths. The soft knit fabric on these 8-13-inch-tall stuffed toys is easily cleanable. 

What to look for in a quality Storybot toy

There are 41 characters in the Storyboys franchise. The core group of six Storybots appears across all print and video platforms and in some of the toys. All Storybots have rounded heads and bodies, thin arms with v-shaped hands and legs with wheels instead of feet. Collectively, they are known as Team 341-B. 

Team 341-B

Team 341-B exists to answer any questions kids want to ask them. The team consists of Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo. Hal is their boss.

  • Beep is the leader of Team 341-B. She has a green body, orange arms and legs and red wheels for feet. Beep is a good leader, but she shouts when she gets frustrated.
  • Boop is a short, squat red Storybot toy with huge eyebrows and is very grumpy.
  • Bing is a short yellow Storybot toy with huge eyes. Bing is the most hyperactive Storybot toy and annoys others when he acts like a pest. 
  • Bang is Beep’s boyfriend. He is tall, thin and blue, with long arms and a broad smile.
  • Bo is a purple bot with a big smile. She is cute and a very good singer.
  • Hap is the boss of the Storybots. He is short, green and yells a lot. Hap is mostly irritable and rude, but he has a softer side and adores bunnies.

How much you can expect to spend on a Storybot toy

Small Storybot toy figures cost less than $10. Plush musical Storybot toy toys cost between $10-$20. Handmade crocheted Storybot toy character sets cost about $40.

Storybot toy FAQ

Why are there so few Storybots toys available?

A. The Storybots franchise focuses most of its efforts on videos and books. Kids learn by reading along with narrated books. Storybots’ Step into Reading series features such titles as The Amazing Planet Earth, Wheels on the Road and Stop That Virus!

Can I watch Ask the Storybots on TV?

A. Viewers can find Ask the Storybots on the Netflix video subscription service.

What’s the best Storybot toy to buy?

Top Storybot toy 

Fisher-Price StoryBots A to Z Rock Star Guitar

Fisher-Price StoryBots A to Z Rock Star Guitar

What you need to know: Kids 3 years and up learn the alphabet on this musical learning toy made for learning the alphabet.

What you’ll love: This Storybot toy allows kids to choose from two play modes with the press of a button. Kids can Jam to the Alphabet and Rock with Letters. Kids join in the music and singing as they play their very own Storybot toy guitar. When kids strum the guitar they hear fun rocking learning songs about letters. When they move the whammy bar, the guitar advances to the next letter. This toy guitar plays fun and silly songs and sounds from the Netflix series.

What you should consider: The three AA batteries are included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Storybot toy for the money

Fisher-Price StoryBots Figure Pack

Fisher-Price StoryBots Figure Pack

What you need to know: Here are kids’ favorite characters from the Netflix series for preschool kids ages 3 and older.

What you’ll love: The entire Team 341-B is here in one small package: smiling Purple Bo, tall, thin and blue Bang, green Beep the leader, pesky yellow Bing, and short, squat and grumpy red Boop. Each sits on wide feet for stability and has posable arms. With their television friends in hand, kids can create their own stories and make up their own answers. Travel size means these figures range from 2-3.5 inches tall.

What you should consider: These five Storybot toy toys come in a blister pack instead of a storage case.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fisher-Price StoryBots Musical Songbook

Fisher-Price StoryBots Musical Songbook

What you need to know: Kids press the colorful LED buttons of this musical songbook to hear cool tunes, silly Storybot phrases and fun facts.

What you’ll love: This musical book uses Storybot songs and phrases that teach kids about areas of interest. Little kids turn the pages of this Storybot toy book to explore dinosaurs, planets and how the human body works. Press the stomach button and the Storybot toy say things like “Our stomach mixes up food so it can digest.” The handle on top lets kids take this Storybot toy book anywhere.

What you should consider: This book has only three pages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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