MARION (WBTW) – Marion graduate DJ Rowell is holding his annual free basketball camp for all of the Pee Dee from July 11-14 from 8 am-3pm at Shannon-Wilkerson Gymnasium on the Marion High School campus. There are 200 campers participating which makes it the biggest event yet.

The DJ Rowell Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves youth designed to bond with community leaders, while learning lifelong skills through programs designed for them. Captivating the youth’s attention with engaging concepts, the foundation has found their way thriving in year 7.

Rowell told News13 on Tuesday:

“These kids take a sense of pride a sense of integrity and a sense of character when they leave these camps. This is what they have to look forward to every year so we are excited to be a part of that. This is where I grew up and to have an outlet and some type of platform to look up to someone else to be inspired and to be motivated that’s all you can ask for.”

This camp was created to connect with youth initially to bridge a reading program that typically is challenging to incorporate with kids in impoverished areas, and by implementing fun we discovered the secret recipe to bring them in and ultimately expose them to what we believe is important for them to blossom as young impressionable bright lights.

For more information on Rowell and his foundation, click on the link below!