FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — Bryson Graves, a senior at West Florence high school announced his commitment to Coastal Carolina University yesterday on Twitter.

Most athletes spend years training and competing to earn a division one offer, but Graves earned his after his first season ever playing.

Graves said playing other sports, like baseball and basketball, helped him transition into a great football player.

“I was an outfielder, so seeing the ball a lot better, seeing it right into the hand, right into the gloves really translated,” Graves said.

Graves had other offers to play college baseball, but ultimately, he chose football.

There’s been a lot of noise at CCU regarding their brand-new coaching staff being led by Head Coach Tim Beck. Graves said the new changes made him second guess his decision.

“It kind of pushed me away from CCU at one point, but it brought me back in once I went on my official visit,” Graves said. “The coach was there, we talked, we did everything. It was really fun on my official visit. It really stood out to me that CCU could be the answer.”

Graves finished his first ever football season with 40 receptions for over 800 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns.

“Once I start, there’s no stopping,” Graves said. “I’m definitely trying to get to the NFL, just trying to get to the next level. Just like how I’m trying to get to this level, I’m trying to get to the next one and achieve my highest.”

Grave’s advice to other multi-sport athletes was to play as many sports as you possibly can because you never know which one you are going to have the opportunity to play in college.