MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – Most go to baseball games, and cheer for the players.

Others go to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans games, and cheer for Slider.

“The crowd goes crazy,” says Pelicans Office Manager Beth Freitas, “They love Slider. You can hear when they come in, most people say ‘Oh I’m coming just to see Slider.”

Slider is the ‘Golden Standard’ for bat dogs. When he’s not at Pelicans Ballpark, he is away at K-9 Cabana.

“He is playing with other dogs, he’s having a great time. He even gets a bath and gets groomed every Monday.”

Slider has worked with the Pelicans for the last five seasons. His job is to retrieve the baseball bats throughout the innings.

“We kind of started that, and everybody else started to follow when they saw slider.”

Slider’s on field percentage, is nearly perfect. For the first three innings or every home game, he cleans up the bats.

“When slider is in the dugout and he’s ready to go fetch the bats, he has his mind on the bat.”

The players get rewarded with Gatorade, while Slider gets his treats. He works with a local animal hospital to ensure he stays in shape.

“. . .They told us us what kind of treats to get him, they are low in fat. [Because] he gets quite many treats.”