MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – Clayton Mortensen always wanted to be a father.

“When I found out my wife was pregnant she called me,’ said the Pelicans Pitching Coach, ‘She texted me a picture and it was of her stomach, she has a tattoo down there. It was blank, and she was like what is going to be his name.”

His son Miles entered the world, a day prior to his MLB trade, to the Boston Red Sox.

“It didn’t really set in probably for about another five days after. Because after that the doctor came in and talked about what it could be. But one thing that it was for certain that it was cancer.”

MLB pitchers are used to getting news, but none like what Mortensen had received.

“One in about 7,000 kids [who] are diagnosed with pediatric cancer, are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.”

Miles had stage four Neuroblastoma, pediatric cancer with an unlikely outcome.

After four years of treatment, Miles cancer spread throughout his entire body.

He later passed away September 11th, 2018.

“Every national anthem I’ll closed my eyes, and I’ll try to talk to him. It’s kind of my time to reconnect with him and say hi.”

Since then, the Mortensen family started a nonprofit, the Smiles for Miles Foundation , in honor of Miles.

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