MYRTLE BEACH, SC – It’s not unusual to travel for a dream, however not all commutes are made equal.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans Liam Spence has racked up some serious mileage over the years.

“You [have] to learn like how to be by yourself,” said Spence, ” [It] was a great learning tool that I picked up at a young age.”

Spence is an Australian native, who has moved to the United States to play baseball. He followed his brother Josh, a former pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

“He’s the reason why I’m in America playing baseball, he started this whole thing for me and my other brother, and we just followed suit.”

Australia isn’t known for baseball, and quite frankly neither are MLB teams. However, there are a few that stand out.

“Growing up in Australia not a lot of baseball teams make it on tv. But, [the] Chicago Cubs [are] one of those teams.

The Cubs drafted Spence with the 154th pick in the 2021 MLB draft. He was the first Australian taken off the board.

“We have around 30, low 30’s Australians that have made it to the big leagues. Right now there’s Liam Hendriks with the White Sox.”

He spent his rookie season in South Bend before arriving to Myrtle Beach. Spence compared the area to the likes of Australia.