MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – It hasn’t been easy for Pelicans manager Steve Lerud to sit and wait for the game to return. It’s the first time in nearly two decades he’s at home in Reno, Nevada not playing or coaching from March to October.

Lerud said, “Yeah I found out about my backyard and I can sit in it its sunny I never got to be back there, everytime I’m home it’s starting to snow and I realize I need to put some new sod down its wild its not something I want to do again in a long time I can tell you that.”

Lerud played in the majors and minors for 12 seasons and he was set to begin his 2nd season managing the Pelicans.

MLB will hold it’s draft in June and Lerud thinks it will be challenge for teams to try and pick if the event continues as normal.

“I don’t know how you evaluate the players without seeing them play so I feel bad for these amateur scouts right now trying to figure out new ways to find out about guys and who they are and what their skill set really is so I can only imagine how tough it is on those guys right now and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes I know that.”

The Pelicans skipper does remain optimistic there will be baseball played this summer, more than likely without fans. With baseball happening in South Korea, perhaps they can be the key to how things return to a somewhat normal state in the US.