MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – The pandemic has helped remerge trends from the 1990’s. Sports card collecting has been among those revived.

“We know there is money flowing in from Wall Street that there never used to be,’ says Jason Hawver the Co-Owner of Coastal Sports Cards.

Social media platforms have also helped the return of sports trading cards.

“At the time [of] lockdown people couldn’t really come out,’ says David DeJesus an employee at Coastal Sports Cards, ‘They were able to access us through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, eBay.”

Coastal Sports Cards has been open to the Grand Strand, a storefront that showcases local athletes’ memorabilia.

“We have a Hunter Renfrow one-of-one, which means there was only one of those printed,” says Hawver.

There’s no telling when the trend will slow, sports collectors are enjoying it while it lasts.