Major League Baseball games are going to look a lot different this year thanks to a number of sweeping rule changes, including a pitch clock that has caused a number of weird moments during spring training

One of those moments happened in Tuesday’s game between the Yankees and Nationals. New York pitcher Nestor Cortes tried to get tricky with the pitch clock and get away with throwing a pitch right at the eight-second mark when Washington’s Jeimer Candelario looked up at him. The home plate ump immediately called Cortes for a quick pitch violation and awarded the hitter an automatic ball. 

Cortes then had a very petty—and hilarious—response on the next pitch as he took a ton of time delivering the pitch. With nobody on base he gets 20 seconds and he tried to take it all: 

That's too funny. 

Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman loved it: 

We're going to see some weird things this season. And I’m here for all of it.