Lincoln Riley’s arrival at USC two years ago was something out of a Hollywood movie. The former Oklahoma coach touched down in California via a private jet, and Trojan fans were ecstatic. Finally, they got their guy. 

Now, sitting at a disappointing 7–5 on the year, Riley has been met with a significant amount of criticism and on Sunday, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum completely obliterated the coach for falling so short of expectations. 

“I don’t know that I’ve seen a worse coaching job by anyone than Lincoln Riley this year,” Finebaum said Sunday on The Matt Barrie Show. “It’s a complete disaster, and quite frankly, he outta pack up. I don’t really see what his path is moving forward.”

Riley came to USC as a famed quarterback whisperer and brought Caleb Williams with him, and things worked out in Year 1. Williams won the Heisman Trophy and the team finished 11–3. 

But USC’s latest loss to UCLA on Saturday was the team’s fifth loss in six games and now the Trojans are looking like a proverbial doormat in a Pac-12 conference that was supposed to be theirs for the taking. If Finebaum had it his way, Lincoln would be on the first flight out.  

“Maybe, Lincoln, you oughta look in the mirror,” he said. “Maybe you’re just a total fraud as a coach.”