MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Special Operations Wounded Warriors is a national charity group based in Myrtle Beach.

SOWW’s objective is to help those whose missions changed drastically.

The group works to bridge the gap between military service to enjoying the freedoms these service members fought so courageously to defend. One way it does this is by providing service animals.

The ‘do not pet’ warning on a service dog reminds us some men and women pay physically and mentally during and after their military service to us and our country.

“I got out of the military in August of ’16. Medical retirement. Total and permanent. I didn’t have anything to do. I was scared to go out in public, because of my anxiety. Always alert. Just fighting a lot of demons,” said Keith Holland, K-9 Program Assistant for SOWW. “when I got Quill…it opened up a lot of doors. He took that anxiety and cut it in half. He’s able to allow me to get back out in public and do things as a civilian and not have to worry about the dangers around me.”

“Isolated quite a bit. Had a hard time readjusting,” said Greg Hankel, Army Special Forces. “Just this last April, I got Boone.”

“It’s just having a partner. Kind of like when you’re in special operations. You always have a buddy around that you can count on,” Hankel added.

For more information, visit SOWW’s Facebook page here.