As initial unemployment claims fall, some say they have not received benefits yet


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The number of initial unemployment claims in South Carolina declined again this week by 26%, but some claim they are yet to receive their benefits.

Brent Phillips is the unemployment operations director for the state and says there is typically not one mistake in particular people make when filing their claim.

“No two claims are alike,” Phillips said. “Everyone’s claim is unique to that individual. They may have certain other things going on with that claim as far as with their employer that we have to verify, there may be things that need more investigation before they can be processed. There is really not a blanket answer.”

Phillips says the turnaround time for initial claims has sped up as the demand decreases.

“There was a length of time it took these claims to process and it will continue to go down as claim volume goes down.”

He says the department has reassigned some employees and extended call center operations to help with the mitigation of claims.

He also says reading the information posted on the DEW website should help when applying; especially for first-time applicants.

“This has shown us is there is a lot of people who have utilized our systems that never have before just because of the volume,” Phillips explained. “I mean, a lot of people who have worked their whole life this pandemic has caused some people to be out of work for a period of time. Unemployment is a brand-new thing for a lot of people they have never had to experience.”

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