MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Rape Crisis Center of Horry County is set to receive a portion of a $1.1 million dollar donation.

The organization, Silent Tears, has already donated money to 17 children’s advocacy centers, 12 domestic violence centers, 15 rape crisis centers and two facilities for children.

This is the second time the Rape Crisis Center has benefited from a Silent Tears donation.

Officials there tell News13, they want to focus efforts with this money on community education, outreach and even a bar outreach program.

“So that they know things to look for, so they can say, “Oh this doesn’t quite look right, maybe I should ask some questions or can I step in and not let this person leave with this person,”” Tracy Bowie, Executive Director of the Horry County Rape Crisis Center said.

Bowie says the donation from Silent Tears is different from others because the organization actually visits all of the centers they donate to so they can learn what resources they need help with.

She added, oftentimes when people donate, they want to know how many people they have helped with the money, but in actuality to keep serving clients they have to take care of their bills.

Bowie tells News13, things like rent, electric, insurance and up to date technology can add up quickly.

“When they called and said this is what we’re going to be able to do, I literally was speechless and started crying because it’s just an awesome feeling to know that weight has now been lifted off,” Bowie said.