MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Ahead of this weekend’s winter storm, it’s important to prepare a little.

Here are five things to know in case you lose power:

1. Don’t bring generators inside

The extreme winter weather expected this weekend may lead to widespread power outages, causing people to get creative when it comes to keeping warm.

Horry County Fire Rescue advises against bringing generators or grills inside, as these can cause house fires. Also, try using flashlights instead of candles.

2. Charge portable power banks

If you lose power there will be no way to charge cell phones or other important electronic devices. It’s a good idea to keep portable power banks charged before a storm hits.

3. Keep blankets handy

As weather appears to worsen, gather blankets in an area you know how to find quickly. If the power goes out, you might lose heat as well. The last thing you want to do is have to find ways to stay warm if there are no lights and no heat.

4. Stay inside and don’t go anywhere unless it is an emergency

The same weather that caused power outages can also cause the roads to be covered in ice and fallen trees. Even if the roads appear clear, black ice is hard to spot and can cause roads to become hazardous.

5. Know your power company’s number ahead of time

If you lose power, it’s important to contact the power company so they know to send someone to repair the power lines in the area.

Here are the numbers for power companies in our area: