Tropical Storm Gonzalo has formed in the Atlantic Ocean. As of 11 a.m. Wednesday, satellite data has indicated that winds have strengthened to 50 m.p.h. sustained. The forecast track takes the storms towards the Lesser Antilles by the weekend and could strengthen a bit as well. Forecast models continue to show that Gonzalo could strengthen to a hurricane by Thursday with expected winds near 80mph. This makes for the earliest G-named storm in Tropical Atlantic history. While we’ve had an historical season so far, we have yet to see a hurricane. Gonzalo would be the first Hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic Season.

The storm will encounter some dry air and wind shear as we approach the beginning of next week.

Elsewhere, we have a system in the Gulf of Mexico that now has a 50% chance for tropical development over the next 5 days. This system looks to head towards the Texas coast by the weekend bringing heavy rain and gusty wind.

This disturbance is expected to move over the central Gulf today, and reach the northwestern Gulf on Thursday and Friday. An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system later today, if necessary.

Beyond that, there is some indication that heading into August we will start to see more tropical waves develop.