All around it was a lovely day today! Plenty of sunshine to melt away any left over ice that refroze last night, and temperatures were much warmer today. Upper 40s to low 50s widespread. For tomorrow, more sunshine to enjoy with temperatures in the low 50s. For Tuesday, clouds will roll in early and stick around for most of the day due to a low pressure system moving across the Gulf states. Good news is this system will stay to the south of us, but still possible to see a brief, stray shower.

High pressure will build in Wednesday and continue into Thursday keeping us mostly sunny for those two days. Temperature wise, expect it to be cold with temperatures in the upper 40s across the board for both days. Slightly warmer as we progress into Friday; temperatures will be in the lower 50s, but there will be enhanced cloud cover. A low pressure system is forecasted to develop off the coast of Florida bring some light precipitation for Friday. Conditions are likely to change with the forecast for Friday. We will keep you up to date.