MYRTLE BEACH S.C. (WBTW)–It was an active afternoon primarily across our inland counties. Hail and gusty winds were reported. Penny-size hail was observed in North Hartville along with wind damage in Oats, SC. Powerlines were reported down NE of Clio in Marlboro County, and a 40 mph gust was reported in Laurinburg, NC.

Thunderstorm activity dies down into the night with conditions staying muggy and mild – low-70s along the Grand Strand and upper-60s in the Pee Dee and border belt.

A similar setup is in place for tomorrow. The morning commute is partly cloudy and dry and the afternoon time brings scattered showers and thunderstorms which continue on and off until about 10 p.m. High temperatures Sunday will be low-90s inland and mid-80s along the coast. A very similar setup is anticipated for Monday as well, but rain looks to be more widespread. Temperatures on Monday will be in the mid-80s for the beaches and upper-80s inland. A cold front will pass through the region Monday night and an off-season cold air damming event will be in place Tuesday.

Cold air damming (CAD) is a unique event and the Carolinas is one of the places it occurs. One requirement is a high-pressure system located in the northeast. The rotation of the system moves cooler air down to the south. Colder air is less dense than warm air so it will remain closer to the surface. However, the presence of the Appalachian Mountains prevents the cold air from spreading out, and the result is a “cold pool” or a concentration of cooler air. This will make high temperatures on Tuesday 5-7 degrees cooler than Monday.

A warm front skims by the Carolinas on Wednesday and temperatures are back into the low-mid 80s. Afternoon showers and thunderstorm activity are going to be a constant this week. 30-60% of the forecasted area is expected to see rain every day from Sunday (tomorrow) to next Saturday.