MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Cloud cover will be increasing as we head into the overnight hours, and once again it will be a cold night with below-average temperatures. All cities will bottom out in the mid-50s.

Clouds for tomorrow will be close to what was observed today. It is going to be noticeably cooler as a low-pressure system glides offshore from Virginia. With that being said, it is likely to be breezy tomorrow are well due to the pressure gradient.

High temperatures for tomorrow are only in the mid-60s. Cloud cover gradually breaks up Monday night as we transition into Tuesday. Monday night will be the coldest night of the 7-day forecast with even the beaches dropping into the 40s. You are definitely going to have to bundle up Tuesday morning heading out the door.

Tuesday beings a warming trend. Cities will be near 70 degrees on Tuesday, low 70s Wednesday, mid-70s Thursday, and lastly low-80s on Friday. Luckily, humidity is not going to be a concern and sunshine will be around as well.

Cooldown for the weekend due to a front.