MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Heat and humidity will continue to hang out for today as well as the sun. Temperatures will be in the low-90s for the Pee Dee with feel-like temperatures in the mid-90s. The Grand Strand will be closer to average in the mid-80s, but it will still feel like the low-90s due to dewpoints in the upper-60s.

Muggy and mild for tonight. The beaches will bottom out near 70 degrees and the Pee Dee will be in the mid-60s.

A cold front is scheduled to move through tomorrow evening and the effect of the front will not be in full swing until Friday. There is a small chance for rain Thursday night due to the front moving through and large amounts of moisture in the atmosphere. Heat and humidity will persist for tomorrow, and Florence and Lumberton could see near record-breaking temperatures.

Florence is currently forecasted to see 94 degrees which is shy of the 1980 high-temperature record of 96 degrees. However, Lumberton is forecasted to see 95 degrees and that would tie the 1940 record.

Extreme heat on Thursday will be replaced with bone-dry air and high temperatures in the upper-70s. The second round of fall begins Friday and will persist through the weekend!