MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Temperature-wise it is not going to be as cold as it was last night, near 60 degrees for the coast and mid-50s inland. Cloud coverage is going to be greater and there are likely going to be some light, isolated showers overnight. Even though there is a high-pressure system moving closer to the Carolinas from the west and this would usually signal fair weather, tonight overrunning is occurring.

Overrunning is when there is a gradual lift occurring throughout the atmosphere. This occurs due to density differences between cold and warm air. Cold air is denser and wants to be located at the surface, whereas warm air is going to sit on top of the cold air because it is less dense.

Overrunning leads to “gloomy” conditions which typically entail a deck of stratiform clouds and light precipitation. This will be in place tonight and tomorrow. Light rain will be on and off throughout the day. Tomorrow will be the first “real” day of rain in which 20-30% of the area will see light showers.

High temperatures for Monday will be slow to warm due to increased cloud cover. The whole area will max out in the low-70s.

Sunshine will be more prominent on Tuesday and Wednesday and temperatures will warm a couple of degrees each day. The warmest day is going to be on Thursday with upper 70s being observed in the Pee Dee and mid-70s at the coast.

A decent cooldown is scheduled for Friday due to a cold front pushing through. Temperatures will return to near 70 degrees to start the weekend and it will be sunny Friday-Sunday.