It hasn’t been the warmest Tuesday, but it’s been a beautiful one! As we continue into the evening and overnight period, expect even colder lows than we had this morning. Some inland spots will tumble back to the upper 30s, with those at the coast getting down to the mid-40s.

Sunshine remains in full force tomorrow, and high pressure will keep it mainly sunny through the rest of the week! Thursday will have the most clouds mixing in with the sunshine over the next few days.

High temperatures will try to get back near 70 inland on Wednesday, and will warm to near 80 by Thursday, with a lot of 70s on the way for the beaches. Overall temperatures late week will rebound nicely into the 70s and 80s as we keep staying dry with pleasant afternoons.

If spending a lot of time outdoors this week, be sure to have the sunblock handy!

TONIGHT: Great clearing with lows falling to the mid 40s, to some upper 30s inland.

WEDNESDAY: Plentiful sunshine with high temps in the mid 60s to low 70s.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Good clearing with lows in the low 50s to mid 40s.