MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Florence and Lumberton will be very close to tying and potentially breaking the high-temperature records for September 22nd. The forecast is 95 degrees for both and the record is 96 degrees in Florence and 95 in Lumberton.

The humidity is still going to be in full swing for most of the day therefore the heat index is going to be near 100 degrees for most of the Pee Dee and mid-90s for the beaches.

Luckily, relief is on the way and it comes just in time for astronomical fall. Fall official begins tonight around 9 p.m. and a cold front will be moving through right around then. Much cooler and drier air is found behind the front.

For some perspective, this morning’s dewpoints were in the upper-60s and lower 70s, tomorrow morning we will wake up to dewpoints in the upper-30s and mid-40s. This is bone dry air and just in time for the first full day of fall.

This evening, while the front is moving through, there will likely be some scattered shower activity as the warm, moist air in place is forced out of the way by the front.

Temperatures will be well above average today, but overnight temperatures will fall below average. Conditions will be partly cloudy and temperatures will be in the low-60s for the Grand Strand and the mid-50s for the Pee Dee.

High temperatures for tomorrow will be in the upper-70s and sunshine will run wild. Temperatures Friday night are going to be even colder. The forecast is 56 degrees Friday night which is 10 degrees below average and the Pee Dee will be near 50 degrees, and it is possible some cities will be in the upper-40s. This is nearly 15 degrees below average. This is all thanks to the front and high pressure from Canada.

Temperatures and humidity will be on the rise again Sunday. Temperatures will return to near normal in the mid-80s and the dewpoints will be in the low-60s. This will be the case for Monday too before an additional cold front returns temperatures to below normal.