MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Pesky showers have lingered throughout the Pee Dee for most of the day, and activity will ramp up within the next couple of hours. The severe outlook for today, as given by the Storm Prediction Center, is a level 1/5, where the main potential threat is isolated damaging wind gusts.

Showers and storms will appear throughout the Pee Dee later this afternoon and into the evening. The beaches will remain dry a little bit longer. High temperatures for today are slow to heat up and will top out slightly below average. Mid to upper-80s are forecasted widespread.

Heading into tonight, the loss of heat will lighten up the intensity of the rain. Temperatures will bottom out close to normal low to mid-70s.

Stray showers will continue overnight and are forecasted to linger throughout the morning commute. Similar timing is expected for tomorrow when it comes to more scattered showers and storms. Timing will be in the midafternoon and hang out for the evening commute.

Cooler temperatures for tomorrow with temperatures capping in the mid-80s. Isolated rain chances will continue to be seen throughout the weekend, but it is trending towards being diurnally driven storms that appear due to the heat of the day and the sea breeze front migrating inland.

High temperatures for Sunday will be a couple of degrees warmer. 86 degrees is currently forecasted for the beaches and on average 88 degrees throughout the Pee Dee. Isolated showers and thunderstorms for mid-Sunday afternoon.