Dry weather continues, and so does the warming trend. There is a low-pressure center offshore, parallel to the Carolina coast. It does have moisture associated with it, but all of the rain will drain out over the ocean. Dry conditions will continue into the workweek.

The warming trend will continue ahead of a cold front moving through Wednesday night. Before the passage, dew points are going to be higher, likely dew points will be in the 60s at the coast, which is just a tad stickier than what we have seen over the last week or so.

The warmest day will be Wednesday before the front moves through. Cities will see above-average temperatures this day with the 80s expected in the Pee Dee and upper-70s at the coast.

The cold front has an abundance of moisture associated with it when it is located over the Gulf states, but as the front tracks east, the Appalachian mountains drain all of the moisture from the boundary and it is dry by the time it gets to our viewing area on Wednesday with brief, light showers still possible.

The front is weak, and there will only be a slight temperature decrease. Currently, a stronger front is timed for early next week.

Today, mostly sunny and warm. Highs 76-77 inland, 74 beaches.

Tonight, mostly clear and cool. Lows 49-52 inland, 54 beaches.

Tuesday, mostly sunny and warm. Highs in the mid-70s.