MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Cloud cover is going to increase into the overnight hours, and luckily it is not going to be as cold. Nonetheless, temperatures will still be running 4-7 degrees below average, but at least there will not be a freeze tonight.

The beaches will bottom out in the low-40s, and the Pee Dee will be in the mid to upper-30s. Slightly cooler weather is on the way for tomorrow. Temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid-50s, and skies will be a little cloudier than today will a little sun peeking through now and again.

The cooldown is only going to last for a day as a warming trend begins Monday through Black Friday. Anticipate temperatures in the mid-50s and more sunshine for Monday.

For Tuesday, most of the day is going to be partly sunny, and then there will be some scattered showers throughout the area. Currently, the most coverage is Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The rain forecast is likely to change as the models do not agree on coverage.

No rain forecast for Thanksgiving and temperatures will be in the mid-60s with partly sunny skies.