MYRTLE BEACH S.C.(WBTW)–Don’t worry the chance for rain reference in the title is not until Tuesday night. Tonight will be mostly clear and similar temperatures to that of last night: near 60 for the coast and mid-50s inland. The warming trend continues into tomorrow. A strong sea breeze is going to run the beaches about ten degrees cooler than inland – mid-upper 70s for the Grand Strand and mid-upper 80s inland. All cities in the 80s Monday and Tuesday.

Sunshine will continue all the way into the first half of Tuesday. The morning commute of Tuesday is clear and by the mid-afternoon clouds will roll in ahead of a cold front. The cold front will bring some evening showers which will carry into the early part of Wednesday before clearing out by noontime. The air behind the front is drier and cooler. Temperatures will be lowing back into the 70s and running a little closer to normal before rising again in time for next weekend.