A good Wednesday evening my friends! We are closing out another day with below average high temps, but the sunshine definitely felt nice. Clearing will hold up overnight as well.

After lows fall back into a wide array of low 50s to mid 40s by early tomorrow morning, our Thursday will have the some clouds mixing in with the sunshine. Good breaks of sun will remain throughout the day.

High temperatures will work towards the 70s tomorrow for all, in the lower end of that spectrum for the coast, rising to the mid-upper 70s inland. As we press on to Friday through Monday, sunshine is expected to hang in there with an impressive burst of warmth for the region.

If spending a lot of time outdoors this week, be sure to have the sunblock handy!

TONIGHT: Good clearing with lows in the low 50s to mid 40s.

THURSDAY: Good breaks of sunshine with highs around 70 to the mid-upper 70s.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Mainly clear again with lows in the mid 50s to near 50.