Flood warnings remain this week for area rivers


With recent heavy rain in the area and in the Western Carolinas, area river levels will continue to run very high. Most of our creeks and rivers are in a flood warning until further notice.

The Pee Dee River at Pee Dee is expected to hit major flood stage by Wednesday with 28.4ft. With 28ft of flood water, there will be extensive flooding of timber land and farm land along the river. Access roads may be damaged by the flood waters and operations at industrial plants along the river will be affected. Forecast to crest by 1pm Wednesday and fall to 25.1ft by Saturday.

The Lumber River at Lumberton is in the moderate flood stage at 17.47 and is expected to crest at 17.6ft by Wednesday. It’ll fall to 16.3ft by Saturday which is still in the moderate flood stage. With 17+ feet, flooding worsens west of Interstate 95 and water may begin surrounding homes in the Pines and Coxs Pond areas. Homes off River Road may become isolated by flood waters. Water may also affect yards off Planetarium Road and fields off deep Branch Road. East of Lumberton, the lowest homes in the Pines area may be flooded and homes may be surrounded by water in the Pines area and between the Pepsi plant and the river. Chickenfoot Road, Noir Street and Hestertown Road may be impassable.

The Lynches River at Effingham is in the minor flood stage at 14.56ft but forecast to crest at 17.1 ft by Wednesday which is in the moderate flood stage. The water will start to fall by to 13.3ft below minor by Saturday. Extensive flooding will occur along the river. In addition, flood waters will affect some residential areas up stream near the Sumter County line.

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