Health dangers to pets during and after a hurricane

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Hurricanes bring problems to both pets and people but there are some special health concerns for dogs during and after the storm. 

According to the American Kennel Club, the first thing you need is a pet first aid kit. That kit should include your dogs medical paperwork, gauze, bandages, medical tape, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic spray or ointment, and other medical items you would have in a regular first aid kit. 

As for health risks during and after the storm, the American Kennel club says heatstroke can seriously affect your pets. With no fans or air conditioning due to power outages it is important to have plenty of water for your pets and keep them in the shade as much as possible. 

It is also important to make sure your pets don’t drink from floodwater as it can contain bacteria and parasites. Some of those like leptospirosis can be transmitted from pets to people. 

You should also have your dog on flea and tick control medications at all times. The American Kennel Club says that group housing, like you would find in a shelter, can expose your dog to fleas and other parasites. This also helps protect you from flea and tick borne diseases. 

Standing water from flooding means an increase in mosquitos which transmit heartworm disease to dogs. However the American Kennel Club says standard heartworm disease prevention treatments and vaccinations will help minimize the risk. Though they do recommend keeping an extra dose in your pet first aid kit, just in case. 

The American Kennel Club also has a dog first aid book you can download from their website. They recommend keeping a hard copy around in case of power outages. 

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