With cold air returning, what is the likelihood of snow in the Carolinas?

Weather Forecasts

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on some things floating around about snow at the coast next week. First, it’s very rare and hard to get accumulating snow this far south. It has happened before yes, even some big time snow in Myrtle and Charleston.

Here’s what I know and am forecasting: We will see a big shift in our weather pattern next week. At the same time, our very active southern storm pattern will continue.

The key for winter weather in the south is all about timing and placement. If the storm system moves more north, warmer air will be drawn in and we’ll get rain. But if the track of the storm system is just right and farther south, that spells winter weather troubles for the Carolinas. But if the track of the storm system is too far south, we’ll have the cold in place, but no moisture to work with.

Cold and moisture looks to be our weather pattern heading into February. The big question is, can we get them to link up at the same time. I’ll continue to monitor this trend but not excited about the chances just yet.

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